Historic Quadbike Tour

Walvis Bay is situated in Namibia's Kuiseb Delta on the Atlantic coastline of south western Africa, where the big sand sea of Sossusvlei meets the Kuiseb River, adjacent to Sandwich Harbour, Dune 7 and Swakopmund.

On the historic dune tour we take you into the Kuiseb Delta, the pristine heart of dunes in the Namib Desert, the historic home of the ancient Khoi people (today called Topnaars). This is a place that no other tour operator can take you to, thus, come and meet the Khoi people and experience the "Living Namib Desert".

Highlights of this tour include
  • Information on how the delta developed and what the area looked like previously
  • Details on the formation of Sandwich Harbour and Walvis Bay
  • Scientific information on the underground fresh water aquifer and how it is threatened by modern man
  • Visits to different types of dunes and explanations on their various shapes
  • Details and evidence on why the dunes have different colours
  • Evidence of five different stages as a dune moves over a tree or a !Nara plant
  • Examining the desert fruit, the !Nara
  • Information about the animals, birds, reptiles and insects that live in the delta
  • Visit and explore a number of intact Topnaar middens (old settlements)
  • Discover how these ancient Namibians lived, what they ate, which tools they used and how fashion conscious they were
  • Physical evidence of petrified tracks of the Topnaars and their goats
  • Centuries old ostrich eggshells
  • Petrified tracks of almost all the present land animals in Namibia
  • Visitors are presented amazing evidence of why the Namibian coast is called the "Skeleton Coast"

This tour is an unforgettable experience that will make visitors realize that there is and always has been life even in the most inhospitable desert regions. These tours are done with automatic quad bikes and are suitable for riders with no previous experience and indeed even for children and healthy elderly visitors. Although this quad tour differs vastly from the "dune bashing" tours offered by all other quad bike operators on the Namibian coast, it still provides for loads of fun and offers a chance to drive one's quads in the dunes and to safely play a little, if one so wishes. The tours are usually done in the mornings only to escape the afternoon winds, but, weather permitting, tours are also conducted in the afternoons. Soft drinks are included.