Action Quad Bike Tours

Another way to explore the dune field near Swakopmund is by quad-biking on a 4-wheel, all- terrain motorbike.

This is one of the best ways to access parts of the dunes that even 4x4's can't reach. No previous biking experience is needed. Tours are "multi-guided" with slow and fast groups in the same tour, thus catering for both the adrenaline seeker and the complete novice. These exciting excursions start on the edge of the Swakop River bed, cross some gravel plains and then enter the dune belt, which is where the serious fun starts.

While there is some controversy over the use of bikes in the sand dunes, as they pose a threat to some of the rare animal species and plant life that make the sand dunes their homes. However, the companies offering quad-biking in the dunes as an adventure experience have prioritized conserving their environment. They have accordingly staked out a route in an area that's great to practice your wheelies on without causing damage to the environment.